How Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

There are people who clean the floors only once a week, and there are others who do this job much more often. An attractive characteristic of robotic vacuum cleaners is the fact that they meet the needs of both categories of people. Anyway, with them the house becomes impeccable, practically not demanding a human factor. Wonder how it works? Learn more about the robot vacuum cleaner works.

The Principle of Work of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner

During the cleaning, the maximum speed of the robot is 40 cm2 / s. The vacuum cleaner moves around the room in different modes (spirally, along walls, diagonally) and clears it of debris and dust. You set the cleaning mode immediately before the robot starts but the robot determines the type of surface automatically. The robot will not stop its work until the room is perfectly cleaned. A sudden stop of the vacuum cleaner can occur only in the event of a complete discharge of the battery or it it meets an insurmountable obstacle.

If necessary, you can differentiate the cleaning room into zones or restrict the access of the robot to certain parts of your apartment using the "Virtual Wall" device (included in the kit). Before choosing the right model with the functions that you need, check iLife comparison review able to help to make the right choice.

The power of the vacuum cleaner and the time of continuous operation depend directly on the capacity of the battery. The performance of the robot cleaner is also determined by the material of the floor covering. If this carpeting with an average length of pile - a fully charged battery lasts about an hour of work. If it a hard surface (laminate, parquet board, etc.), then the battery charge will be enough for a two-hour cleaning. After the discharge of the battery, the robot joins itself with the charging station and replenishes its forces. Depending on the model, charging time can take from 3 to 12 hours.

In the range of expensive models of robotic cleaners, you can observe the tendency to expand responsibilities in cleaning, as they will do more than just vacuum the floors. Products that were previously sold exclusively in the form of robotic vacuum cleaners are now beginning to offer additional functions, including Internet connection, home video surveillance systems, or air purification systems. In future, probably, we can expect getting home robots that download music, answer the phone, warm up the ovens while vacuuming an apartment.