What Benefits Do Videos for Startups Have?

Do you want to sell something? First, show what you have. A high-quality video is a very important thing for startup as it is aimed at presenting the product/team/values is. There are two main video types. The first is technical video. There is no a task to sell - the video is more likely to perform a specific function: to describe the functions or the general product of the product, to show how the product works, what technologies it uses, how to use it, and how people feel when using it.

Here you can include Screencast, How it works, Onboarding video, Tutorials, Company & Customer Stories, Testimonials. The difference between them is more in technical implementation. So, Screencast and Tutorial are very similar in essence, but not in execution: a screencast is an image capture from the screen, while a tutorial can be a series of animated clips. Onboarding video can also be a screencast, or a separate animation solution, or even an interview, but with a single caveat. It should perform the function of "onboarding", that is, have a direct visual connection with the product itself.

The second type is a promo video. There are professionals who create high-quality videos. Their animated explainer videos help to learn more about the product/service you offer. This video, which you can and should use to promote your product literally wherever you can do it: in your landing, in YouTube-advertising, twist in Facebook Ads and on the cover picture, Instagram, use in email marketing, remarketing, crowdaming sites, articles and promo materials of blogs and media, who are absolutely insolent - on the main stage of the conferences. By the way, many people forget about TV, and this is a very popular venue in the whole world and may not be wildly expensive, as it seems at the first glance.

By its technical design, the promo videos can be very different. It can be a live action with actors, 2D / 3D animation, motion design, stop-motion or a combination of approaches. It is important to understand that in fact there is, roughly speaking, animation and real shooting. Each approach is good in its own way and each has its own characteristics: starting from the price and ending with the timing and complexity of implementation.

There is another type of video. This is a brand video. This is a very cool type of promo; its main goal is to form a specific attitude towards the brand in the target audience. Do not forget that video and animation are subject to copyright. Illustrations, music, acting. All this should be discussed under a contract for the period and territory specified in the general contract with the client.