How to Check Site Traffic?

There are many methods that allow you to find out and evaluate your site’s traffic, look at which statistics indicators should be paid attention to and which ones can be ignored, see how you can find out or at least evaluate the popularity of someone else’s resource. Check how to check website traffic using the most effective method.

The Main Ways to Check Site Traffic


Why keep abreast of traffic to your site? After you have managed to create your own website or buy it from professionals, attendance becomes the very factor for which you work hard like you are damned, do not sleep at night, trying to realize the idea of ​​its independent promotion and promotion, or promote yourself with the help of contextual advertising (Google Adwords and Yandex Direct), then tracking the statistics of visits becomes just a vital activity for you, allowing you to find out and check the effectiveness of your actions and investments.

Traffic (how many people came to the site and where they came from), or rather an analysis of its statistics, is a feedback that allows you to evaluate the correctness of your actions aimed at developing the project. True, search engines have very significant inertia and this feedback will work far from real-time.

How to Collect Statistics without Using External Services?


So, let's first look at how you can find out, check the site traffic statistics. Well, here, probably, there are several main ways. The most accurate way is to use the so-called server traffic statistics (server logs are usually analyzed). Most shared hosting services provide such a service, well, and if your project is hosted on a real or virtual server, then you yourself can install and activate the appropriate scripts, which allow you to find out, check and conduct a detailed analysis of people visiting your resource.

Server statistics systems have a number of advantages compared to other methods of analyzing site traffic but the results of their work will be available only to you. Over time, your potential advertisers who want, for example, to place banner ads, will want to find out and check the quantity and quality of your visitors.

The most frequently used way to check and analyze site traffic is, of course, the so-called counters and ratings based on them. In fact, this is practically the same thing, and the counters and ratings work on a fairly simple principle.


Their main advantage is that they generally have nothing to do with your resource. Your task is only to install them correctly - to introduce the counter code into all the pages of your resource without exception, because only in this case at least some accuracy of attendance verification will be guaranteed.