How to listen to phone calls online free of charge

Howewatch.com is a software program that can be installed in your phones to spy or track on phone calls so as to listen to phone calls on-line, free of charge. This app is easy to use; to install it, all you need is to sign up for a free online account using your mail and password. With your preferred device, complete the download as well as installation process of the software-tracker, thereafter, you are good to go and can start monitoring.

How to use the App.

It offers users with personal dashboard account where you’ll receive all the information, this app is easy to use and anyone can use it including beginners. With one single account, you can track up-to 5 android phones.

In addition, when you install Hoverwatch software, apart from tracking up-to five mobile phones, you can also track social apps such as; Whatsapp, Viber, snapchat spy and Facebook Messages, record calls, track sms, track Phone location, track camera, track calls, phone internet history, saves all the contacts, stealth mode, track screenshots, detect SIM-card change and lastly track to-do list.

This app is suitable for parents who want to check up on their children at all time, Company’s boss in monitoring their employees and partners who suspect their partners of infidelity. Hoverwatch software will help you solve your problem and what makes it great is that, you stay invisible and the owner of the phone will never know of the existence of the application unless they do a thorough search.

How to listen to Phone-calls using Hoverwatch application

To successfully listen to phone calls, free of charge using software, there are three major steps to follow. They include:

Step 1: Sign up for free online account

It’s essential to have an account, therefore, you’ll have to first, sign up for a free online account that inv loves using your mail to register with a new password.

Step 2: Download and install the app

Using your preferred device; download and install the phone-tracker app from your online account. You’ll have to enter your account in-order to activate the app.

Step 3: Monitor the targeted device (s)

After a successful download and installation of the app to your device, you can now monitor all the recorded data, calls and listen to the calls using your online account.

Hoverwatch phone Spy

It doesn’t matter where you are; with Hoverwatch app, you can monitor and get access to logs collected using your monitoring device with the help of Refog software; a software used in Hoverwatch app for monitoring. Just log into your personal account and review all their activities despite where you are.

Hoverwatch app helps you to listen to phone calls on-line, free of charge. To listen to this calls, the Refog software will first record this phone calls into your account, thereafter to view all the activities on the tracked phone(s), you’ll have to log into your account to get all the details needed. Here are the type of information that will be recorded and are made available for you to review.

Pricing and plan for Hoverwatch app

There is a trial version for Hoverwatch; its free of charge for the first 3 days after a successful download and installation into your device and if you wish to go on with the service then there are several subscription options we offer. They include;

  1. For personal use: $ 8.33 monthly to track 1 device. Other options include; $ 19.95 per month, $ 49.95 for 3 months while $ 99/95 for 12 months.
  2. For family: $ 3.33 monthly per device to track up-to 5 devices. Other options include; $ 39.95 for 1 month, $ 99.95 for 3 months while $ 199.95 for 12 months.
  3. For business: $ 1.67 monthly per device and can track up-to 25 devices. Other options includes: $ 149.95 per month, $ 299.95 for 3 months while $ 499.95 for 12 months.


To listen to phone-calls online, free of charge using Hoverwatch app , you’ll have to sign up for an account by registering using a mail and a new password, then download and install the app from your opened accounts and there, you will be able to monitor and listen to all the recorded phone calls on your device through your account. It’s easy to use and offers various subscriptions to choose from. It provides you will a trial version for up-to 3 days to help you decide and make a decision if you want to continue with the app. This is a great app to help you manage and monitor your family safety and business as well.