Why is Software Localization So Important Today?

Languages were divided among the nations, and in order to trade with each other, translation was required from the time of the Babylonian pandemonium. This is commonplace, but platitudes therefore survive, which contain the very essence of the matter. Translation was necessary always and everywhere - in the peripheral points of contact of cultures and centers of cultural and commercial exchange. When the development of transport and communications led to an explosive growth in world trade, transnational corporations appeared that wanted to sell everywhere, in all countries.

Globalization has led to a multiple increase in the need for translation. Simultaneously, the requirements for translation also became more complicated. Corporations selling programs needed to translate them. At the same time, the translation of programs turned out to be so much more complicated than just translating that a new term for this type of activity was invented - software localization. Today many companies can benefit from the use of software localization services.

What is Meant by Software Localization Process?

The localization of software is a process that helps to adapt the certain software to the culture of a country, in particular, it includes the translation of the user interface, documentation, and all important files from one language into the required one. The top-quality localization has a significant impact on the software sales growth due to the obvious reasons: the software tailored to your needs in terms of the understandability requires less time for its studying and in its turn increases the work productivity much.

Most people confuse the terms “localization” and “translation”, however, despite their common features, they don't mean the same. Talking about translation, it is supposed that the meaning of the initial text and the one that was translated is the same. The main aim is to reach the conceptual equivalence while localization is aimed at transforming the product so that it is able to correspond to both linguistic and cultural needs https://www.sdltrados.com/solutions/software-localization/.

Which Advantages are Offered by Software Localization Services?

Today the picture is more diverse than ever: someone still needs to completely localize software from scratch, and someone has already built and granulated the process to such an extent that translators are given only text files with instructions, and all technical and the accompanying work is done by the customer. Between these extremes there is a huge number of options, and any of them can be done tailored to the needs of a certain company. Software localization services are intended to help in solving some specific problems. However, the major contribution is an expansion of the potential of a certain company and the chance to enter the world market.


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